Fangirls/Boys! Oh Lawd

You may think that a fanboy or girl is just a casual fan but nopeeeeee. not in Korea! This meme literally breaks it down, and can be applied to both girls or boys. It’s important to discuss fanboy/girls on this site because Kpop fans, Jpop fans, and a bunch of other similar Asian music fandoms are filled … More Fangirls/Boys! Oh Lawd

Twitter Please!

I think for a website like FEMusicVibes, promoting on Twitter is the best platform to use. I can add the link to the post, a short description, tags and a photo/gif that represents the post easily. Because I only have 140 characters to use on Twitter the platform forces me to make a short message that’s also … More Twitter Please!

Rich Chigga… LAWDDD

So this video might be a bit explicit for some, as it has inappropriate language and everything else fitting of a quality Trap song lolll. Brian Immanuel aka Rich Chigga is a comedian who first got popular on Vine and has been branching out to YouTube and Snapchat. Rich Chigga is his rapping alias, a project … More Rich Chigga… LAWDDD

Pixlr is Awesome~~

I love Pixlr! I can’t believe there’s a free photo editing software program available that’s essentially the same as Photoshop! Figuring out how to edit the image didn’t take me as long as I thought it would (I have no previous Photoshop/ photo editing software knowledge) and it was really fun. This type of software is … More Pixlr is Awesome~~